Creating Trauma Sensitive AZ Schools Work Group

Purpose: To network, gather resources, information and knowledge, spread awareness of the impact of trauma, and increase support to ensure that children traumatized by ACEs succeed in school.

Meetings/Location: 1st Wed. of each month 4:00- 5:30. Virtually. Register here: 

Committee Chair:
Laura Wiggins, MA, LMSW
Regional Director of Clinical Services, The Menta Group Special Education Services

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Work Group Notes

The purpose of the ACEs Trauma Informed Community of Education Practitioners is to develop a community of Trauma Informed professionals and implement a robust system of resources that supports the needs of a variety of practitioners. Our goal is to help all school-based professionals and those who partner with schools to understand the physiological impact of trauma on the developing learner, recognize the potential paths for healing and what schools can do to support children, and advocate for the adoption of trauma informed school based practices throughout the state.. In this community we believe learning and doing are essential to impact our children, our educators, and our communities.   Our group focuses on the following:

  • Awareness
  • Approaches
  • Tools and Strategies
  • Events, Professional development opportunities, etc

Work Group Documents

ACEs FactSheet.alt

Replay of Aug 2022 Schoolgroup Meeting: 

Schools Workgroup Meeting Minutes 9.7.22

Replay of May 2022 Schoolgroup Meeting:

Schools Workgroup Meeting Minutes 5.4.22

Replay of March 2022 Schoolgroup Meeting:

Schools Workgroup Meeting Minutes 3.2.22

PDF Slides March 22 Meeting

Replay of February 2022 Schoolgroup Meeting:

Schools Workgroup Meeting Minutes 2.2.22

Replay of January 2022 Schoolgroup Meeting:

Schools Workgroup Meeting Minutes 1.5.22

Replay of December 2021 Schoolgroup Meeting: 

Schools Workgroup Meeting Minutes 12-1-21

2021 School Connection Participant Slides

Connection Problem Solving Worksheet for Schools Worksheet – LPOSD – 2021

Replay of November 2021 Schoolgroup Meeting:

Regulate to Respond Slide Handout

Community Input Survey_Art Prompt

Helping Boys Thrive Flyer Dec 2021

Schools Workgroup Meeting Minutes 11-4-21

Replay of October 2021 Schoolgroup Meeting:

Schools Workgroup Meeting Minutes 10-6-21

Replay of September 2021 Schoolgroup Meeting:

Slides Sept 2021

CBHF One Pager 8_9_21


Schools Workgroup Meeting Minutes 09-01-21


Replay of August 2020 Schoolgroup Meeting:!Ajj5UrU7ylzvgQjPt7OLOnlwT-rL?e=ffTkoT

Schools Workgroup Meeting Minutes 8-5-20

Replay of September 2020 Schoolgroup Meeting:!Ajj5UrU7ylzvgS0euboERr3yZOku?e=jPidQK

Schools Workgroup Meeting Minutes 9-2-20

Slides from Sandi Cimino’s presentation:

09.02.2020-Trauma Sensitive Schools Workgroup Meeting-Self-Care

Replay of October 2020 Schoolgroup meeting:!Ajj5UrU7ylzvgUKktQGN3gVlTGmo?e=qQ2bgl

10.7.2020- Trauma Sensitve Schools Workgroup Meeting Minutes

Replay of November 2020 Schoolgroup meeting:!Ajj5UrU7ylzvgUZB1IvVbkbiPknU?e=rYfZbe

Schools Workgroup Meeting Minutes 11-04-20

Replay of February 2021 Schoolgroup meeting:!Ajj5UrU7ylzvgVqnIFVLyoqSBL_b?e=IGpJ65

Schools Workgroup Meeting Minutes 02-03-21

March 2021 Schoolgroup meeting was unfortunately not recorded. Below is a copy of the presentation, resource page, and meeting minutes.

School Trauma Work Group-Greeting at the Door

TSS Resources 3-3-21

Schools Workgroup Meeting Minutes 03-03-21

Replay of April 2021 Schoolgroup Meeting:!Ajj5UrU7ylzvggsA_vEaCgBxgbSS?e=BpDXNk

Schools Workgroup Meeting Minutes 04-07-21-Resources

Replay of August 2021 Schoolgroup Meeting:!Ajj5UrU7ylzvghIW2oPgB9BiHBfW?e=AVzCyZ

Schools Workgroup Meeting Minutes 08-04-21

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