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Resilience is about the process of becoming, which children understand once they develop a firm belief about their place in the world.

Arizona is in the midst of a trauma crisis. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, childhood trauma has now reached the level of a public health crisis. What’s more, Arizona ranks highest in the nation for victims who have experienced two or more Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). To make matters worse, certain population cohorts are two and three times more likely to have multiple ACEs in their background; this includes people who live on Native American reservations, women of color, people with disabilities, children in mixed immigration status families, and people who have had contact with the foster care system. In other words, data tells us that many Arizona communities – many Arizona children and families – are in crisis even as they go about their daily lives in our public schools, in our communities and in our healthcare systems.

The Arizona Adverse Childhood Experiences Consortium (AZACEs) strives to create a “Resilient Arizona” which equips communities with tools to better address the unique needs of all community members.

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Creating Resilient Schools

Compilation of  recommendations from AZ educators on how to create Resilient Schools and how we can best support educators.

Download Resilient Schools One Pager

Funding Resilient Schools Webinar

Resource Library

Resources to promote a greater understanding of the impacts of toxic stress and trauma, in an effort to address and prevent them.

Maricopa County Trainings

Click here for more information on no cost training which builds knowledge, strategies and tools for thriving educators, families and children?

AZ Town Hall Report

On December 4th we hosted a virtual Town Hall to identify resilient and trauma informed school practices. You can see the report HERE.

The Resilient & Empowered Educator

AZACEs has launched a new podcast and video series to bring resources and education around resilient and trauma informed practices to educators across the state and nation. You can access it HERE.

Vitalyst Health Report

Creating Trauma Sensitive
Arizona Schools Report
Building resilience to lessen the effects
of Adverse Childhood Experiences. The data on our Creating Resilient Schools is from this report.

Trauma Sensitive Schools Workgroup

To network, gather resources, information and knowledge, spread awareness of the impact of trauma, and increase support to ensure that children traumatized by ACEs succeed in school.

Vitalyst Health Podcast

Vitalyst SPARK E66: Trauma Sensitive Schools in Arizona. The work of Trauma Sensitive Schools sits firmly at the intersection of both education and health.

Maricopa Teacher Stress & Retention Survey Results

In 2021, Maricopa County Superintendent did a stress survey for educators. Some of these results are in our Creating Resilient Schools one pager and you can download the presentation here: Townhall_Teacher_Stress_Survey_PPT.

Resilience Empowerment Project Train the Trainer

Interest in being trained to bring this to your community? Click here to learn more!

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Watch the video below to learn more about trauma sensitive schools practices.