Training Opportunities

The Arizona ACEs Consortium aims to:

  • Develop trauma informed trainers;
  • Develop a community of Certified ACEs trainers across the state; and
  • Provide trainings to spread the awareness of ACEs, toxic stress and resilience.

Become a Certified ACEs Trainer

The ACEs Consortium is growing its community of certified ACEs trainers. Our goal is to develop a community of certified ACEs trainers that are trauma informed and can implement a training portfolio that is flexible to meet the needs of a variety of audiences. Our goal is to expand the number of community members, professionals, organizations and government officials in Arizona who are knowledgeable and are ready to take action on the following areas:

  • The ACEs study nationally and in Arizona;
  • The short-term and long-term impact of trauma along the age continuum from children to adults;
  • Strategies to build protective factors within individuals and communities as part of primary prevention efforts;
  • Resilience and trauma-informed care strategies, skills, and resources to support those who have experienced adversity/trauma.

Our training dates can be found on our registration page! You can access it HERE.


Access our Trainings

The Arizona ACEs Consortium provides trainings to individuals, communities, and organizations. Our training portfolio is offered in three modules. A brief overview of each Module is provided below.

  • Module I: The ACEs study; the impact of ACEs; and local/national data.
  • Module II: Toxic stress; trauma; the trauma-informed approach; and strategies for support.
  • Module III: Strengths-based perspective; resilience; Strengthening Families Protective Factor Framework; trauma-informed care; and post-traumatic growth.

More information on each Module is found below. While these Modules build upon each other to provide a comprehensive overview of ACEs, trauma, toxic stress and resilience, they are built to be flexible enough so that they can be offered in segments to meet specific audience needs.

Trainings are conducted by Certified ACEs Trainers who are trained by the ACEs Consortium. Please see the section below entitled ‘ACEs Training for your Organization’ to locate details on finding a trainer and requesting training.

Module I: Overview of ACEs

Covers the ACEs study; the categories of ACEs; the short and long term impact of ACEs; and local/national data.

Module II: Trauma & Toxic Stress

Covers the types of toxic stress and their impact on development/behavior; trauma and its connection to behaviors, coping mechanisms and unresolved trauma; the trauma-informed approach; vicarious trauma; and practical strategies for support.

Module III: Resilience

Covers the strengths-based perspective; resilience; Strengthening Families Protective Factor Framework; principles of trauma-informed care; and supporting post-traumatic growth.

Accessing ACEs Training for your Community or Organization

If interested in training, you can:

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