ACEs Prevention

Purpose: To identify and develop strategies and resources for prevention of ACEs.

Meetings/Location:  Monthly, every 1st Friday. Zoom Meeting Link: and locations TBD

Committee Chair:
Gordon Freeman Brown, Regional Coordinator, Arizona PBS Education and Community Impact and the Arizona Early Childhood Workforce Registry

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Understanding ACEs and the Impacts of Childhood Trauma


The Understanding ACEs and the Impacts of Childhood Trauma workshop provides an overview of ACEs and shifts the lenses through which we understand toxic stress and trauma.  Participants engage in […]


Summer ACEs Training of Trainers


Are you interested in delivering trainings on ACEs, trauma and resilience? The ACEs Consortium is looking to expand its community of Certified ACEs Trainers. Come join our next Training of […]

Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Prevention:

90 % of brain development occurs by age 5, making this developmental period a time of tremendous risk for children exposed to trauma and toxic stress.  However, the incredibly rapid neurological development and brain plasticity during early childhood also presents the greatest opportunity to build resilience and prevent the negative social, physical health and mental health outcomes associated with ACEs. 

In addition to primary prevention resources and strategies focused on preventing the occurrence of childhood trauma and toxic stress,  this workgroup will also identify and develop secondary prevention resources and strategies for early detection and intervention as well tertiary prevention resources and strategies to improve the quality of life and mitigate the suffering of children, adults and families already impacted by ACEs.

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