ACEs Champion Training-September 22, 2022


The ACEs Champion workshop educates about the science of ACEs and resilience.  Through small group interactions, participants engage in important conversations about the impact of early adversity and how to heal.   For participants interested in becoming AZ Certified ACEs Trainers, the Champion workshop provides adequate content knowledge about ACEs before joining the certified ACEs Train-the-Trainer […]

Understanding ACEs and the Impacts of Childhood Trauma


The Understanding ACEs and the Impacts of Childhood Trauma workshop provides an overview of ACEs and shifts the lenses through which we understand toxic stress and trauma.  Participants engage in discussions about the impact of systemic inequalities, toxic stress, and trauma on bodies and brains and explore what's next. This training is virtual, FREE, and […]

Event Series Healing Historical Trauma Workgroup

Healing Historical Trauma Workgroup


Meetings will be held virtually on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 10am. Please register to receive the link to join! Purpose: The Cultural Revitalization Initiative seeks to encourage all sectors to create the opportunity for “belonging” through continued education and the transformation of policy and procedure that results in “othering.” The Initiative hopes to […]